German Shepherd

Height: Male: 60–65 cm, Female: 55–60 cm
Colors: Black, Black & Tan, Black & Silver, Red & Black, Sable, Grey
Life Span: 9 – 13 years


German Shepherd Dog Price

German Shepherd (Face, Sitting)

Breed Information

Popularity 2020: #3

2019: #2

2018: #2

2017: #2

Name German Shepherd
Other names Alsatian (UK), Alsatian wolf dog (UK), Berger Allemand, Deutscher Schäferhund, Schäferhund
Origin  Germany
Breed Group Herding (AKC:1908, UKC)
Size Large
Type Purebred
Life span 10-13 years
Temperament Alert








Height Male: 24-26 inches (60-65 cm)

Female: 22-24 inches (55-60 cm)

Weight Male: 66-88 pounds (30-40 kg)

Female: 49-71 pounds (22-32 kg)

Colors Black

Black and Tan

Black & Silver

Black & Red

Litter Size 6-10 puppies

Breed Characteristics


5 stars

Apartment Friendly

3 stars

The German Shepherd will do okay in an apartment if sufficiently exercised. They are relatively inactive indoors and do best with at least a large yard.

Barking Tendencies

2 stars


Cat Friendly

3 stars

The German Shepherd can also live peacefully with other dogs and pets, as long as he was taught to do so from puppyhood. Introducing an adult German Shepherd to a household with other pets can be more difficult if the dog isn’t used to getting along with other dogs or cats. You may need to hire a professional trainer to help, or get advice from the rescue organization if that’s where you acquired the adult German Shepherd.

Child Friendly

5 stars

Good with Kids: This is a suitable dog breed for kids. It is also friendly toward other pets but aloof and suspicious toward strangers.

Dog Friendly

2 stars

Exercise Needs

4 stars

German Shepherd Dogs love strenuous activity, preferably combined with training of some kind, for these dogs are very intelligent and crave a good challenge. Most shepherds love to play ball or Frisbee. Whether it is ball chasing, Frisbee catching, obedience training, participation in a canine playgroup or just taking long walks/jogs, you must be willing to provide some form of daily, constructive exercise. The daily exercise must always include daily walks/jogs to satisfy the dog’s migration instinct. If under-exercised and/or mentally challenged, this breed can become restless and destructive. Does best with a job to do.


3 stars

Moderate Maintenance: The German Shepherd Dog has a thick, medium-length double coat that sheds, a lot and constantly, so much that even his fans call him a “German shedder.” The undercoat sheds heavily in spring and fall, and the German Shepherd must be brushed and bathed frequently during that time to get out all the loose hair. The rest of the year, weekly brushing is generally enough to keep him clean.

Health Issues

4 stars

Hypoallergenic: No


5 stars

Ranking: #3 Full Ranking ListSynonymous with intelligence, German shepherds were ranked third when more than 200 AKC judges rated over 100 breeds on their intelligence. They’re easy to train, learning many simple commands in as little as five repetitions.


3 stars

Shedding Level

5 stars

Constant and Seasonal Shedding: Expect this dog to shed frequently. Be prepared to vacuum often. Brushing will reduce shedding as well as make the coat softer and cleaner.

Stranger Friendly

1 stars


5 stars

Easy Training: German Shepherd Dogs are eager pupils and are quick to learn new tricks. They are most responsive to their owner’s voice. The German Shepherd Dog’s versatility makes them suitable for a wide variety of activities including dog sports.

Watchdog Ability

5 stars

Great Watchdog Ability: This dog will bark and alert its owners when an intruder is present. It exhibits very protective behavior, acts fearless toward any aggressor, and will do what it takes to guard and protect its family.

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German Shepherd Puppy (Face, Sitting)

German Shepherd Names

Rank Boy Names Girl Names
01 Max Bella
02 Charlie Molly
03 Rocky Lola
04 Jack Sadie
05 Toby Bailey
06 Cody Emma
07 Buster Gracie
08 Oliver Lulu
09 Harley Coco
10 Tucker Annie


The German Shepherds are medium to large-sized dogs, well-balanced, muscular dogs, slightly longer than tall, with a medium-length coat, erect ears, and a low-set natural tail that normally reaches to the hock and is carried in a slight curve like a saber. The outline of the German Shepherd Dog is made up of smooth curves rather than angles. The head is in proportion to the size of the body, strong without appearing coarse or fine. Gender differences are readily apparent. The German Shepherd Dog should be evaluated as an all-around working dog, and exaggerations or faults should be penalized in proportion to how much they interfere with the dog’s ability to work.

The German Shepherd Dog is confident and fearless, willing to be approached, yet a certain level of aloofness towards strangers is acceptable. When working, the German Shepherd is alert and eager, adapting well to new tasks. Lack of confidence is a serious defect in the character of a German Shepherd. The structure of this breed was designed for efficient locomotion, particularly at the trot, so poor movement is another serious fault.


The German Shepherd Dog is a relatively young breed, developed almost single-handedly in the first half of the twentieth century by a German cavalry officer, Max von Stephanitz, president of the Verein far Deutsche Schaferhunde S.V. Using a variety of German sheepdogs as his foundation stock, von Stephanitz developed a distinctive breed in a very short period of time, due in large part to the authoritarian practices of the German dog fancy at that time. Von Stephanitz emphasized utility and intelligence in his breeding program, enabling the German Shepherd Dog to switch easily from herding duties to other fields of work, particularly military and police work. The breed was just gaining notice in the United States when World War I broke out. All things German were shunned and popularity slumped. After the war, however, movie star Rin-tin-tin stimulated interest in the breed again. The striking good looks of this breed, combined with its remarkable intelligence and loyalty, have made it a favorite working and companion dog.

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Where to Find Them


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German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Where to Find Them


, german shepherd breeders Looking for a German Shepherd Puppy for sale? This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know about finding German Shepherd Puppies for sale, including where to find them, their average price, and what to expect from a breeder If you’re interested in adding a furry friend to your family, there’s no better choice than a German Shepherd puppy But before you start your search for German Shepherd puppies for sale, it’s important to do your research This guide will teach you everything you need to know about finding the perfect German Shepherd puppy, including where to look and what to expect from a breeder When it comes to finding German Shepherd puppies for sale, there are a few different options You can check online classifieds websites like Craigslist or Kijiji, visit local pet stores, or search for breeders in your area Depending on where you live, you may have more or less luck finding German Shepherds for sale However, the best way to find a healthy pup is through a reputable breeder Reputable breeders will be able to provide health clearances and paperwork proving that their pups are purebred and free of genetic diseases common in the breed They should also be willing to answer any questions you have about care and training Be prepared to pay more for a pup from a reputable breeder than you would from an online seller or pet store, but remember that this is an investment in your dog’s health and happiness On average,German Shepherd puppies cost between $ and $, USD The price of your pup will depend on factors like their parentage , coat color ,and whether they are show quality dogs Some breeders may also charge extra fees for shipping if you don’t live close by When considering adoption fees , keep in mind that all new dog owners should budgetfor basic supplies like food , toys ,a collar and leash ,and Crate Training The Ultimate Guide crate


German Shepherd Puppies For Sale What to Look For


,german shepherd for sale If you’re thinking about adding a German Shepherd Puppy to your family, you’ve come to the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about finding German Shepherd Puppies for sale, including what to look for and what price you can expect to pay Choosing the right breeder is the most important part of finding German Shepherd Puppies for sale A good breeder will have healthy, well-socialized puppies that are ready to join their forever homes Be sure to ask lots of questions and get references before making your decision When it comes to price, German Shepherd Puppies can vary widely depending on factors like breed lines, coat type, and more However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $-$ for a puppy from a reputable breeder Whether you’re looking for a working dog or a loyal companion, a German Shepherd Puppy is sure to make a great addition to your family!


German Shepherd Puppies The Benefits of Owning One


When it comes to finding the perfect German Shepherd Puppy, you want to make sure you do your research There are many benefits of owning a German Shepherd Puppy, but there are also some things you should consider before making your purchase This comprehensive guide will help you find the perfect German Shepherd Puppy for your family First and foremost, you need to decide if a German Shepherd Puppy is the right fit for your family They are large dogs and require a lot of exercise, so if you live in an apartment or don’t have a large yard, they may not be the best choice for you German Shepherds are also very loyal and protective dogs, so if you have small children or other pets, they may not be the best fit either However, if you’re looking for a loving and loyal companion who will protect your family, then a German Shepherd Puppy may be perfect for you Once you’ve decided that a German Shepherd Puppy is right for your family, it’s time to start shopping around There are many reputable breeders out there who can provide healthy and well-bred puppies Make sure to do your research on any breeder before making a purchase, and always visit the puppies in person before making a final decision It’s also important to ask questions about the puppies’ parents and health history to ensure that they come from good stock If everything looks good with the breeder and puppy of your choice, then it’s time to start thinking about priceGerman Shepherd Puppies can range in price depending on their bloodline, parentage, size ,color etc You should never pay more than $ USD for an average GSD puppy from decent breeding lines If someone is asking for much more than this amount ,either they have show quality dogs or there might be something wrong with them Choose wisely !


German Shepherd Puppies Tips for Training Them


,german shepherd puppies for sale near me Most people who are looking for a German Shepherd Puppy will have a few things in mind They may want a family pet, or they may be looking for a working dog Whatever the reason, it is important to find the right breeder and make sure that the puppy you choose is healthy and has good bloodlines Here are some tips on finding German Shepherd Puppies for sale and what to expect when you bring one home The first thing to consider when looking for German Shepherd Puppies For Sale is where you would like to purchase your puppy from You can find reputable breeders online or through your local kennel club Be prepared to pay more for a puppy from a well-known breeder, but remember that this investment will be worth it in the long run A good breeder will have health clearances on their dogs and will be able to provide you with references from other satisfied customers When choosing a German Shepherd Puppy, take into consideration whether you want a male or female dog Male dogs tend to be larger and stronger than females, so if you are looking for protection or obedience training, males might be better suited for your needs Females, on the other hand, often excel in agility trials and make excellent house pets It really depends on what traits you value most in a dog before making your final decision Health clearances should also be an important factor when considering German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Near Me options Finally, don’t forget to ask about temperament tests and health clearances before bringing your new pup home With so many wonderful qualities, it’s no wonder that German Shepherds are one of America’s favorite breeds!


German Shepherd Puppies Health and Nutrition


If you are looking for a German Shepherd Puppy for Sale, then this is the guide for you We will cover everything from German Shepherd Puppies health and nutrition, to price and where to find them Health and Nutrition is important for any puppy, but especially a German Shepherd They are a large breed dog, and need proper food and supplements to grow properly A good quality dry kibble that is designed for large breeds is a great place to start You can also talk to your vet about specific nutritional needs that your puppy may have As far as price goes, German Shepherds puppies can range depending on where you get them from If you are getting them from a breeder, the price will be higher than if you adopt from a shelter or rescue organization However, no matter where you get your pup from, be prepared to spend at least $-$ on initial costs like shots, deworming, spaying/neutering, etc Now that you know all aboutGerman Shepherd Puppies health and nutrition let’s move on to finding the perfect pup for you! The best place to start looking is at local shelters or rescue organizations in your area They usually have a good selection of pups available, and the staff can help match you with the right one based on personality and activity level If you have your heart set on a specific color or gender of pup, then your best bet is going to be working with a reputable breeder Do some research online or talk to friends who own German Shepherds to find recommendations in your area Once you have found someone that meets your criteria, be sure to visit their facility before making any commitments This will allow you to see how the dogs are raised and meet the parents of your potential new pup!

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puppies, german shepherd puppies for sale in bangalore Looking for a German Shepherd Puppy? This comprehensive guide provides all the information you need to know about German Shepherd puppies for sale, prices, and where to find them Learn about double coat German Shepherds, health concerns and more

If you’re looking for German Shepherd puppies for sale, there are a few things you should keep in mind First, be sure to do your research and find a reputable breeder Second, expect to pay a higher price for a quality puppy And finally, be prepared to wait list is often very long


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