Best Dog Breeders In Jaipur, Rajasthan | Top Dog Breeders & Sellers In Jaipur, Rajasthan

April 20, 2021by naughtydogs

Best dog breeders in Jaipur, Rajasthan | Top Dog Breeders & sellers in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Looking for one of the best dog dealers in  Jaipur, Rajasthan? Your search is over! We are considered one of the top dog sellers in  Jaipur, Rajasthan because we are committed to producing the finest dogs for show and companionship in India. People recognized as the Best dog breeders in Jaipur, Rajasthan so as Top Dog Breeders & sellers in Jaipur, Rajasthan it is our responsibility to provide you the best Dogs in Jaipur, Rajasthan.  Confused about which dogs to buy in Jaipur, Rajasthan?

Apart from raising numerous Champions and Best in Show winners for more than many years now, and with this going on with energy for flawlessness, we are striving to get better and better.

We mainly take care of three things :
1) Temperament
2) Quality
3) Brains

In a home situation, we bring up little dogs with children and give them the chance of social interactions, including interaction within the family, not just in the backyard which helps to shape their personality in a correct way. At that point required, along with a lot of understanding and thinking about the culmination of an effective pet, is a cherished, reliable owner.

Most of our dogs have a great temperament. If you’re still in doubt, you’re free to see our puppies face to face and see their incredible characteristics, personality, ability to work and please with your own eyes.

As of now, we have placed many little babies, we make sure to keep in touch with all our clients after the pups are placed.

We also board your little ones when you are away, Homestay for pets.

You aren’t from  Jaipur, Rajasthan ? not to worry, we deliver the pups across the country.

Dog Breeds we sell :
1) Golden Retriever
2) Labrador
3) Shiht-zu
4) Beagle
5) Cocker Spaniel
6) Lhasa Apso
7) German Shepherd
8) Doberman
9) Rottweiler
10) American Bully
11) Teacup Pomeranian
12) Akita
13) Pitbull
14) Saint Bernard
15) Chow Chow
16) Samoyed
17) British Bulldog
18) English Mastiff
19) Pug
20) Pomeranian
21) Great Dane


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I stay in an apartment which pup should I opt for?

You may opt for any pup, it does not matter. Bigger breeds need walks twice a day. If you do not have enough time then you can opt for small breeds


I want a pup but my family members aren’t allowing me to get one, what should I do?

Kindly do not get any pup at your place without consulting your family members. A lot of them later give the little babies up for adoption, it will be difficult for you and the pup both


Where can I buy the best pup in  Jaipur, Rajasthan?

Team Naughty Dogs has the best puppies for sale in Jaipur, Rajasthan, we assure you you won’t regret taking home a pup from us.


How do I pay you after getting a pup?

Team Naughty Dogs is flexible when it comes to payment. You can pay us by cash, Google pay or Bank transfer.


We adopted a golden retriever girl recently and life will never be the same! Thanks “Naughty Dogs” for making our life so exciting. Mr. Raghu(Owner) has been so patient with the newbie parents’ queries and worries. It is really hard to find someone who cares and helps to provide all information regarding the vet, food, and well-being of a puppy after a deal is through. However, Raghu has never left our side from the day we started our endless questions on adoption, delivering the bundle of joy at our doorstep, providing contact for food and toys supplier till advising us on the vaccinations. We are so glad to be connected to Raghu as our breeder as he has been a constant support in this lockdown. He is by far the best! Meet our new family member – C Mukherjee.


I got my golden retriever pup (Snoop) from Naughty Dog. They are one of the genuine breeders I have met and make sure they follow up on the pup from time to time. Snoop is our first dog and Naughty Dogs made sure that we had a smooth experience in raising him up by giving us all the instructions we would ever need. Kudos to Naughty Dogs and the team. Thanks a ton :’)

– Akash J

Our baby husky is loving my life and wouldn’t have come across him if it was not for Raghu. He has been so helpful and more than anything supportive in the whole process of choosing a breed and a puppy. Quick response and very genuinely concerned about puppies that He places in their forever home. I text very regularly asking questions on almost everything.

– Surekha M

dog breeding services

Signs of a good dog breeder:

  • The Breeder will welcome you in their home and not elsewhere.
  • The pups will live in the house and be dealt with regularly, as a pet who is naturally introduced to family life has a superior shot at growing up loose and cordial.
  • The guardians will be nearby, and you will have the capacity to meet them, meeting the dad may not be conceivable, but rather you should surely meet the mother.
  • The place is spotless and safe, and that they’re provided with new water, beds, and toys. Is there a latrine territory in the little dog living quarters for housetraining
  • There will be minimal quantities of litter from mothers, and the number of litter accessible for adoption will be restricted.
  • The guardians’ health clearances will be accessible for you and the parent and grandparent should have been tested for hereditary issues.
  • Puppies will be tested genetically or should be given a health guarantee.
  • The Breeder will allude you to past customers to talk with
  • The Breeder will demonstrate information of the breed, and speak the truth about its preferences and downsides, regardless of whether that implies an inclination to build up certain medical issues or a personality
  • The breed will take the puppy back on the off chance that you can’t take care of it.
  • The breeder will demand keeping the little dog until the point when it is no less than about two months old with his initially round of immunizations
  • A good breeder won’t have various breeding dog pairs (If they do, it is another warning)
  • The breeder will be accessible for help after you take your puppy or cat home and offer direction for its care & training.
  • The Breeder has taken an interest in shows or rivalries, this demonstrates that the breeder is persuaded by eagerness for the breed.
  • One final thing, a great and capable breeder will likewise have desires for you and will ask the accompanying:
  • Your lifestyle (would you say you are a leaseholder or a mortgage holder? do you have a yard or do you live in an apartment?)
  • Your family unit (Who lives with you? Would i be able to meet them? Can visit your place?)
  • What’s your purpose to get a pet (Is this entirely a family pet, or for show purposes?)
  • Your involvement with dogs or with the breed
  • When you GET the puppy, you may need to sign a spay/fix contract or go to an understanding about reproducing rights to abstain from adding to pet overpopulation


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