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April 13, 2021by naughtydogs

Naughty Dogs – Best Dog Shop In Jaipur

Naughty dogs pet shop is located at a very fine location of Balaji mod, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur.

We have products for all types of dogs and some really special products for puppies. A wide range of cat products is also available with us at the pet boutique.

Dog food, Cat food, Dog toys, Cat furniture, etc. are to be found here; but, our specialty is to keep some of the best grooming products. Best grooming products are available with us.

You can also buy puppy training products like- indoor puppy toilets, puppy toilet training spray, chew stop tray.

Some of the brands that we endorse are: Royal Canine, Pedigree, Whiskas, ProPlan, Purina, Bio-Groom, Furminator, DogSpot, PetSpot, etc.

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Service Highlights

  • All brands of dog food and cat food is available
  • We have a special range of grooming products
  • Home delivery available
  • Handpicked quality products

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Shop the wide range of premium pet products at our store and experience one of the most complete selections in Jaipur(India) for your little ones. Our storefronts feature all the products in the catalog and more. You’ll find both in-store-only promotions and knowledgeable staff to help you with all your needs. Come visit us today and don’t forget to bring your little ones!

Our Services

  • Dog Food
  • Dog accessories
  • Cat Food
  • Cats Accessories
  • Bird Products
  • Fish Products
  • Squeaky Clean Package
  • Haircutting and styling
  • De-shedding Treatment
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Tick and Flea Treatment


Contact no: – +91-9828058388

Email: –

Website: –

Address: –  Ashok Colony, Jagatpura Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

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Naughty dogs Pet shop in Jaipur.

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Pet shops in Jaipur, the best pet shop in Jaipur, Naughty Dogs is a pet shop that sells puppies.

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Pet Shops in Jaipur, Rajasthan

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Pet shops in the city ease out the hunt for pet owners when looking to buy the best requirements for their pets. With countless households owning cats, dogs, fish, and birds, these pet stores offer them a choice in products that are respective to the ones they have back at home.  Right from the dietary needs of the animals, the pet stores cater to the health and personal care needs of them all. Stocked and shelved on the counters here are a plethora of products ranging from shampoos, soaps, conditioners, and perfumes to collars, leashes, animal bowls, dog and cat snacks, and animal-specific food.  Aside from this endless list of products, the animal centers also have an impressive range of services to offer the pet owners for their little ones. Clipping of nails, cleaning of ears, baths, cleansing of teeth and cleaning of fur are a few of the most selected services by customers.  Medicines for dogs and medicines for cats are all easily available at these establishments.  Browse through the endless list of pet shops in Jaipur, Jaipur right here.


Which are the top Dog Shop in Jaipur?


The top 5 Pet Shops near you in Jaipur are:

  • ▪ Naughty Dogs
  • ▪ Dogs Heaven
  • ▪ Jaipur Pet Hospital
  • ▪ Pet Zoo
  • ▪ Cdc Birds & Fish Pet Shop


You can check ratings, reviews, address, contact number, images, and operational hours above.

Buy a wide range of pet products from pet stores in Jaipur, India

Most pet shops offer a wide range of pet toys, pet products and accessories like collars, leashes, cages, etc. along with pet food. Pet shops in Jaipur, Jaipur sell a variety of recipes with a high meat content and different types of protein sources along with a wide range of quality products for all kinds of pets. Pets of different breeds and age groups can also be adopted from most pet shops.

People looking for top-line pet products and supplies can find quick answers with an online search for pet shops in Jaipur. Several pet shops provide exclusive discounts to regular customers in addition to home delivery services within a specific area.


Benefits of purchasing products from dog shops


In Jaipur, Jaipur pet shops sell a wide range of products and assist pet parents purchase the right product for their pets. The benefits of shopping for a beloved furry friend from pet shops are:

• Availability of a wide range of products under a single roof

• Seasonal pet products and accessories are heavily discounted during a stock clearance sale

• Most pet shops are located at convenient locations in residential colonies

• Several pet stores give free teats to pets who visit the store with pet parents or care takers

• Pets available for adoption at a pet shop are vaccinated and certified by a veterinary doctor


Pet products available at online pet shops


The following pet products can be purchased from most pet shops Jaipur, Jaipur has:

• Nail clippers

• Dental treats

• Collars and harnesses

• Leashes

• Vitamins and supplements for cats and dogs

• Brushes, combs, and trimmers for cats and dogs

• Bowls and feeders

• Shampoo and conditioners for pets

• Clothing for cats and dogs

• Beds for dogs and cats

• Fish food

• Bird food and supplements


Approximate cost of pet products


Product Approximate price
Cat litter tray Rs.400 onwards
Harness Rs.300 onwards
Cat toys Rs.120 onwards
Grooming tools Rs.200 onwards

Please Note: Prices mentioned above are indicative and subject to change.



Frequently Asked Questions



1. What are the products available at pet shops in Jaipur?


You can shop for all the products that your pet needs such as feeding bowls, pet food, toys, grooming tools, leash, collars, harnesses, oral care products, shampoo, etc.


2. Will the staff at pet shops assist me purchase accessories for my pet?


The employees at the pet store can assist you in selecting accessories and items that suit your needs, once you specify your pet’s breed, age, gender, and several other characteristics.


3. Can I get my pet’s initials engraved on accessories available at dog shops in Jaipur?


Yes, you can customize the accessories and get your pet’s initials or name engraved on collars, leashes or harnesses.


4. What are the payment methods accepted by pet shops in Jaipur?


You can pay for the products purchased using credit or debit card, cash or UPI.


5. Can I adopt a pet from pet shops?


Several pet shops have a number of breeds of dogs, cats, rabbits and such other animals that are available for adoption.

🐶Online Shop for you and your four-legged🐶 friend. We have been providing dogs with everything they need to live healthy, happy, and active lives. Naughty Dogs is the best dog shop in Jaipur