Weight : 3 to 6 pounds
Height: 15 – 23 cm
Color: white, black, tan and many other colors
Life span: 12 – 20 years



Chihuahua (Cream, Face)

Breed Information

Popularity 2020: #34

2019: #35

2018: #33

2017: #32

Name Chihuahua
Other names None
Origin  Mexico
Breed Group Toy (AKC:1904)

Companion Breeds (UKC)

Size Smallest
Type Purebred
Life span 14-18 years
Temperament Alert






Height 6-9 inches (15-23 cm)
Weight 2-6 pounds (1-3 kg)
Colors Black

Black & Tan





Litter Size 2-4 puppies

Breed Characteristics


5 stars

Apartment Friendly

5 stars

They are good little dogs for apartment life. The Chihuahua likes warm weather and dislikes the cold. They need space just like any other dog. Because they are small does not mean they can be kept in a very small area.

Barking Tendencies

5 stars


Cat Friendly

5 stars

Child Friendly

1 stars

Not Good with Kids: In isolation, this dog breed might not be the best option for kids. However, to mitigate the risks, have the puppy grow up with kids and provide it with plenty of pleasant and relaxed experiences with them. This breed is also friendly toward other pets and shy toward strangers.

Dog Friendly

3 stars

Exercise Needs

1 stars

Although it is tempting to carry these dainty creatures about, these are active little dogs that need a daily walk. Play can take care of a lot of their exercise needs, however, as with all breeds, play will not fulfill their primal instinct to walk. Dogs that do not get to go on daily walks are more likely to display a wide array of behavior problems, as well as neurotic issues. They will also enjoy a good romp in a safe open area off lead, such as a large, fenced-in yard.


1 stars

Low Maintenance: They really need very little grooming due to their short hair. The Long Coat Chihuahua also needs occasional brushing but still requires minimal grooming. Their small nails should be trimmed regularly to avoid overgrowth and cracking. Their ears should be checked regularly to avoid a buildup of wax and debris which can result in an infection. Providing hard bones and chew toys will help strengthen gums and remove tartar. Teeth should be brushed regularly.

Health Issues

4 stars

Hypoallergenic: No


3 stars

Ranking: #67 Full Ranking List


3 stars

Shedding Level

1 stars

Minimal Shedding: This dog will shed a negligible amount. Recommended for owners who do not want to deal with dog hair in their cars and homes.

Stranger Friendly

3 stars


3 stars

Moderately Easy Training: Although they are usually not trained because of their small size, Chihuahuas are eager to learn. The Chihuahua may require patience and effort to housebreak; for this reason they are sometimes only paper trained.

Watchdog Ability

3 stars

1 / 1

Chihuahua Puppy (Cream, Face)

Chihuahua Names

Rank Boy Names Girl Names
01 Bo Belle
02 Buddy Dixie
03 Toby Chloe
04 Gizmo Lola
05 Teddy Kona
06 Finn Bailey
07 Sammy Lilly
08 Bentley Penny
09 Moose Lulu
10 Dexter Gracie


The Chihuahua is graceful, small and compact; it is slightly longer than it is tall. It has a saucy expression and an alert, terrier-like attitude. It should move out at a swift pace with good reach and drive. Its coat can be smooth, with soft, glossy hair or long, with soft straight or wavy hair and fringed ears.

The saucy Chihuahua has earned its place as a favored toy dog because of its intense devotion to a single person. It is reserved with strangers but good with other household dogs and pets. Some try to be protective, but they are not very effective. Some may be quite bold; others may be timid. It is often temperamental. Some bark.


The Chihuahua (affectionately called ‘Chi‘) may descend either from tiny, hairless Chinese dogs or the South American ‘Techichi’, a favored pet that was buried with the deceased in the hope they would lead the way to the afterlife. Modern Chihuahuas hail from Chihuahua, Mexico. They are the smallest dog breed and the oldest North American breed. They rocketed to popularity in the U.S when famous Latin musician Xavier Cugat made a Chihuahua his constant public companion, and remain extremely popular to this day. Famous Chihuahuas include the Taco Bell Chihuahua, Ren from ‘Ren and Stimpy’, and Ducky, the 2007 ‘Guinness Book of World Records winner for ‘World’s Smallest Living Dog’.

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