SmartHeart Veggie Adult Dry Dog Food



Brand Smart Heart
Shop by Dog Breed Beagle, Chow Chow, Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Great Dane, Labrador, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Shih Tzu, St. Bernard
Product Category Dry Food
Veg/Non Veg Veg Food
Life Stage Adult
Weight 1 Kg, 3 Kg, 10 Kg
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SmartHeart Veggie Pack Adult Dog is special formulated to take care of your dog’s health with 7 great benefits. SmartHeart Veggie Pack contains high quality plant protein which cater for dogs that allergic to animal protein and help to reduce possible skin discomfort of sensitive dogs. SmartHeart Veggie Pack contains high Vitamin E and selenium. This is a complete and balance formula to enhance the immune system of your dogs. SmartHeart Veggie Pack also contains high Antioxidants from rice bran, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid for healthy heart, to support skin hydration, hair gloss and softness. SmartHeart Veggie Pack is made from highly digestible ingredients which help to improve your fur – friends’ digestion and stool quality.

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1 kg, 10KG, 20KG, 3KG

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