Royal Canin Medium Starter Dry Dog Food



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Suitable for mothers from the end of gestation and through lactation, this recipe is designed to meet a new mom’s high, energy needs. For pups, it contains nutritional elements present in mother’s milk. The kibble can be rehydrated easily and made into a porridge-like consistency. This makes the milk-to-solids transition easier on weaning puppies. This recipe also has nutrients that contribute to building your pet’s immune system and encourages good digestive health.


  • Food Type: Dry food for dogs
  • Suitable for mothers of medium-sized breeds (11-25 Kg)
  • Also suitable for puppies (up to 2 months)
  • Kibble is easy to rehydrate
  • Great to transition puppies from mother’s milk to solid food
  • Contains nutrients that are present in mother’s milk
  • Nutrition contributes to building the immune system and supports digestion
  • Consult a vet before altering your pet’s diet
  • Always have fresh water available for your pet
  • Never exceed recommended feeding quantities unless prescribed by a vet

 Tip: New born pups cannot maintain their own body heat for a week or two after birth. This is why they all huddle close to mom and to each other. If your pet has just given birth to a litter, one of the most important things to do is to make sure none of the pups are pushed away by the others and all are kept warm.

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1 kg, 12 KG, 4 KG

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