First Bark Chicken Training Cube – Dog Treat


Weight 0.07 kg
Brand First Bark
Pet Type Adult, Breeding Dogs, Puppies
Package Weight 70 gm


First Bark Soft Chicken Training Cubes, Nutritious, Well-Balanced & Perfect Treat For Your Pet Chew Make Strong Teeth and Gums Ensure Good Overall Health of The Dog. It contains 23% protein and 5% fat content.

Dogitos First Bark is a Customized Nutrition Solution For Our Furry Friends and made it a Scrumptious meal With Zero Fillers and 100 % Safe. Dogitos Endeavour is to create healthy treats for an enriching experience Dogs love treats as rewards for their behaviour. Dogitos love treating them as it is a way for us to bond with them.  Make sure that your pets get plenty of drinking water throughout the day. Delicious, Nutritious, Well-Balanced & Perfect Treat For Your Dogs. Helps sustain healthy skin and shiny coat.


Chicken Meat(80.8%), Vegetable Protein, Glycerine, Sorbitol, Corn starch & Salt.


Feeding Guidelines

Below is the recommended quantity as per the dog’s size:

Dog Size Weight Treats
Small 1 to 5 kg 1 – 2 Treats
Medium 5 to 10 kg 2 – 3 Treats
Large 10 to 29 kg 3 – 5 Treats

Nutritional Composition

Protein 23.0%
Fat Content 5.0%
Crude Ash 4.0%
Crude Fibre 1.0%
Moisture Content 23.0%

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