Dogsee Chew 100% Natural Yak Milk Bars Small Breed Dog Treat



Based on a centuries-old Himalayan recipe and perfected by us over the years, these handcrafted Dogsee treats are made with 100% pure yak and cow milk. Smoked and sun dried to perfection over 35 days for extra hardness and rich flavor, these chews, are a natural favourite of canines across the world. An epitome of commitment and care for your beloved friend, Dogsee Chew, is a 100% natural product, free from grain, gluten, preservatives and artificial flavoring. Hence, you are holding not just another bag of treats, but a promise to your pets, that you will always give them nothing but the best.

Key Features:

  • Dogsee Chew Dental Bars are natural ready-to-eat treats made of hardened Himalayan Yak/Cow milk cheese which is excellent for dogs of all sizes and ages
  • It has a high nutrition content and is greatly responsible for shinier fur, better eyesight, increased energy and happier disposition
  • It is 100% vegetarian and completely grain/gluten free which provides complete and balanced nutrition and is best for Bulldogs and Boxers
  • These long lasting bars are handy to carry with a very mild fragrance, which makes it easier to carry a few with you anywhere and feed your mutt

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